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Supporting health & wellbeing practitioners to have more impact with their expertise online.

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Are you a health & wellness professional who:

  • Is feeling depleted and burnt out from one on one work?

  • Is tired of repeating the same advice over and over to your clients?

  • Would love to build an online business based on your expertise?

  • Would like to learn from a qualified practitioner who is having success with online programs?

  • Is frustrated seeing people without qualifications succeeding with health programs online while you feel stuck in client work?


I'm here to help! I'm Jess, a Naturopath and online entrepreneur who runs a multi six figure online business from my home office. I started my online business for 2 reasons:


1 - To create time and financial freedom for myself and my family; and

2 - To have a bigger impact than I could in one on one work as a Naturopath.


It has taken me years of self learning to get my online business Natural Super Kids to where it is today (with over 1,000 members in our online membership) and I would love to help fast track these kinds of results for you. 

I am passionate about helping other health and wellbeing professionals get their messages out into the world by building sustainable online businesses that give them the freedom and income they desire.

I would love to support you!


Book a 90-minute Business Strategy session with me.


In these sessions, we can focus on:

  • Establishing your niche
  • Building your audience
  • Growing your email list
  • Your marketing plan for 2022
  • Hiring and outsourcing
  • Converting your audience into clients and customers
  • Creating your online program or membership
  • Launching your offers

For the past couple of years, I had been procrastinating about creating my program. I finally committed to getting some help to get my idea out there and linked up with Jess. From day one, she held me accountable, and this helped keep the momentum of my work going. Jess helped in so many ways to keep me on track, such as supporting me with creating processes in my business, helped me keep a structure and build my following plus helped with the creation of the program.

I couldn't have done it without her! My launch was on time and with not one hick-up.

Naomi Judge
Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist


I found it difficult to sift through all the different information out there about the best ways to market my business & was feeling confused on which actions would get the best resultsI wanted a mentor that has already done what I am looking to achieve & ideally in the Natural medicine business. Jess has a hugely successful online business & she has given me easy to implement guidance & support. Jess is a joy to work with, she is so supportive & breaks down the best actions to take for the biggest results. Having direction about which marketing avenues to start with has been invaluable & I no longer feel like I am floundering, I have clear direction about where my business is going & how to get there.

Cassandra Parish
Nutritionist & Wellness Coach


Check out Jess' own online health business Natural Super Kids!

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